Hornet Horizontal Carousel - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The new Hornet Horizontal Carousel provides organizations significant levels of increased productivity, space savings and increased accuracy for storage and retrieval applications of small parts, items and case handling. The new carousel system also comes with the Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM) system built in at no charge and provides the lowest cost means of [...]

Warehouse Storage Racks - Value Warehouse Floor Space

If you haven’t installed commercial shelving in your warehouse, then your warehouses productivity can get hampered as it can affect the productivity of your company. The idea behind commercial shelving is to provide a better proper storage solution that organizes the space, yet maximizes the effectiveness of their [...]

Used Warehouse Storage Containers

Used Warehouse Storage Containers. Large storage containers in used condition, HD containers available in small unit sizes: £90 UK per unit, & large containers: £130 UK per unit. Storage containers available [...]

Used Timber Decking

Available now, Timber Decking – Used, Newbury.

20 – 30 bays 3500mm high 2 ton per level with slatted timber decking available in Newbury

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Most companies consider investing in warehouse shelving the day they realize they are running out of space and may be facing an imminent move. In most instances, such a move is not really necessary because plenty of “undiscovered” space still exists within the facility. Poorly organized supplies, materials, and products can quickly fill a room [...]

Mesh Partitions | Industrial Wire Shelving

Installation of mesh partitions is faster than other traditional storage solutions, & can be easily maintained. The system can be relocated to a different area within your warehouse, depot, or factory giving you a modular system. The partitions may even be installed on Mezzanine [...]