Hornet Horizontal Carousel - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The new Hornet Horizontal Carousel provides organizations significant levels of increased productivity, space savings and increased accuracy for storage and retrieval applications of small parts, items and case handling. The new carousel system also comes with the Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM) system built in at no charge and provides the lowest cost means of automation available to meet organizations needs to be cost effective. The Hornet Horizontal Carousel’s on board Intelligent Machine Health monitoring system reports 24-7 each carousel’s health to the servicing technician and Sapient Automation’s central monitoring center. Pro-active servicing helps assure increased system up time, unit longevity and faster Return on Investment (ROI) and is free with every Hornet Horizontal Carousel’s. Likewise, a full range of carousel bin sizes, lengths and heights are available to meet virtually all applications.

Hornet Horizontal Carousel - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Hornet Horizontal Carousel - Storage and Retrieval System

The automated storage and retrieval horizontal Carousel system increases productivity and reduced labor by up to 2/3 by brining items to the operator and eliminating wasted walking, searching activities. Every carousel is designed using quick adjustable shelves in metal bins which rotate horizontally on a track. A push of a button or scan of a bar code will rotate the carousels to the nose end to be picked by an operator with the aid of an integrated pick to light or voice directed picking. Systems can be designed with simple push of a button or foot switch controls to a full suite of inventory management software which can be integrated into existing WMS and ERP systems. Automated storage and retrieval for small parts and cases is the least costly automated system available and can be designed quickly and installed sometimes as fast as over a weekend eliminating downtime and disturbance in existing operations. The cost per SKU or item stored the Hornet Horizontal Carousel is a fraction of other automated solutions.

Integrated pick to light and voice picking systems help assure accuracy to 99.99% levels. Likewise, the quickly adjustable shelves in the bins often translate into 70% floor space savings and perfect for areas with limited ceiling heights or tiered to maximize high ceilings. The Hornet Horizontal Carousel can be used manually as “rotating shelving” or integrated system. The ability to use otherwise wasted floor space due to columns and other equipment can be ideal to locate a carousel as “rotating shelving.” The horizontal carousel replaces shelving, bins and drawer systems to automatically deliver the item to the workstation. No need to move ladders, weigh scales, bar code scanners, tape dispensers and other workstation items to the inventory, the items is brought to the workstation.

Likewise in an integrated system, multiple Hornet Horizontal Carousels are used as a “pod” or workstation which one operator controls. Orders for multiple items are inducted into the “pod” and each carousel pre-positions waiting for the operator. The operator follows the integrated pick to light system telling them which shelf, item and quantity to pick. The moment they are done picking an item, the next carousel’s light directs the next pick and the picked carousel pre-positions waiting for the next pick. The operator picks “round robin” from the pod of horizontal carousels until the orders are complete and then repeats the operation for the next wave of picks. The Hornet Horizontal Carousel is often used in: order picking, stock rooms, service parts, tools, dies, order consolidation, kitting, work cells, buffer storage, work in progress (WIP), spare parts, fixtures, fastener storage, raw material storage, documentation and media storage and many other applications.

Sapient Automation, a subsidiary of MDCI, is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, institutions, retail and wholesale. A full provider of automated and robotic Viper Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Avenger Vertical Carousels, Hornet Horizontal Carousels, Shark Inventory Management Software, IMHM (Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring), Spitfire Pick Carts and more. For information about Sapient Automation call 888-451-9711 or email: info@getsapient.com or visit the Sapient Automation web site at Sapient Automation

Tip of the hat to Ed Romaine, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Sapient Automation for the information on the new Hornet Horizontal Carousel. Ed’s spent over 20 years involved with companies looking to maximize manufacturing, healthcare, distribution and warehousing practices using simple automation. From Viper Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) to Avenger Vertical Carousel; Hornet Horizontal Carousels, Shark Inventory Management Software, pick carts and pick to light systems… Simple automation used to save floor space, increase productivity, reduce labor with nine to 18 month Return On Investments (ROI).

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