How to Choose the Best Work Bench

Used And New Workbenches, Workshop Benches

Used And New Workbenches, Workshop Benches

Sleek industrial work benches made of sturdy metallic materials can support a lot of weight and not cave in under pressure. They are available in the common dimensions as well as in custom sizes. Other than standard benches, there are specially designed models like packaging work benches with steel dividers, solid double-sided benches, LAN stations, corner units, special carts and racks and much more. All these cater to the specific shelving needs of an office. A three-piece corner unit, for example, uses space optimally to serve as a workstation for at least two workers, and offers ample storage space in the form of pull-open drawers.

Moulded, laminated edging and a coat of rust and stain-free paint makes industrial work benches long-lasting furniture. Square tubing improves the aesthetics of standard benches, a strong frame makes the bench a high-quality utility and specially welded footrests protect the floor from scratches. Heavy-duty open storage can’t get better than this. Contemporary design combined with good reliability and strength is the USP of standard benches made of steel, one of the most industrially preferred building materials. Ergonomics and style are taken into account while constructing these pieces, which serve needs as diverse as holding heavy accounts books to storing electrical equipment.

You can add to your customised industrial work bench accessories like steel drawers for storing files, with and without locks, as well as a range of fittings and add-ons like bottom shelves, riser shelves, specialised lighting, leg extensions, hydraulics, rulers, etc. These bench accessories make your workstation a self-contained module where you can work efficiently without having to get up now and then to fetch something you need. Stock all your office stationery and industrial tools right inside your industrial work bench.

And the best part is, standard benches made for industrial purposes look as sleek and shiny as their commercial, generic counterparts. In fact, you can paint your industrial bench any colour you like, to match the d├ęcor of your office. Add some teardrop lighting, and you’re all set for a glitzy workstation that is also strong and won’t give in when you place a particularly heavy piece of machinery on it. Go in for thick, high-density particle boards for a sturdy surface and choose auto-lift hydraulic industrial work benches if that’s what you’re looking for. And yes, for good old-fashioned drafting, there are modern benches with high resistance, fitted surface tilts according to your specifications and gauge steel legs.

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