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Talking with Simon Harris, from Shelving Review, he reveals important considerations when using Industrial Wire Shelving, or Mesh partitions which allow complete visibility of products, or equipment while also keeping inventory secure. Built with quality materials, mesh partitioning is more resistant to damage, & is a long lasting storage solution.

Installation of mesh partitions is faster than other traditional storage solutions, & can be easily maintained. The system can be relocated to a different area within your warehouse, depot, or factory giving you a modular system. The partitions may even be installed on Mezzanine Floor.

Mesh Partitioning

When you want to stack things on a shelf that will hold them and hold them in place, then wire shelving is a great choice. This type of shelving is designed for using with displays as well as storing things like smaller groceries, boxes, and items of that nature. If you own a grocery store and want to stack heavier items or have longer rows of bigger items, then industrial wire shelving may be a better choice. When choosing your shelving you want to make sure you check the weight limitations on the different manufacture brands.

Several companies offer industrial wire shelving and within each manufacture there are different sizes, types, and strengths. Often you will find that companies won’t add chemicals to the shelving to assure safety of the breathing area around your shelves. Although some people choose to spray paint their shelves to make them match their store or theme, they may not realize that over time the heat can cause these chemicals to dissipate into the air. This will often void the warranty as well as cause some problems with the shelving ability to keep items from slipping off of them.

You can look online for a variety of different companies that sell industrial wire shelving, and you will also learn about what they offer. There are many sites dedicated to showing you how these shelves can be used, while others will go over specific safety hazards and rules of using them. If you’re not sure if you should use the wire shelving or steel shelves (or another type) then doing research on this could give you the insight you need. Many of the sites that explain how to use the shelves, what shelves are best for what project, they also tend to show you where you can get the shelves themselves.

Many manufactures of the shelves will also put up a site or a section of their site for both safety and some ideas of how to use them. Some of these shelves also have expandability, meaning they can be expanded up or sideways. Many can simply be set side by side to create longer rows as well!

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