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Recently, the University of Texas announced they are “the nation’s first completely bookless library on a college or university campus”, from a press release: Bookless Library.

Library Shelving

Library Shelving Book Storage

While librarians in the UK may question if they have the means, or resources to pull off such a feat, it begs the question: Are libraries relevant in this media age of digital books, & publications. Indeed, while there may be fewer books in a digital library, the library itself is still a shared resource for studying, & social activities between people. In a digital library, there may be numerous copies [my emphasis] of a book being used simultaneously; rendering moot the issue of lending periods, & the dreaded late return fee.

Library Shelving

Library Shelving

While some libraries may embrace this digital future, there must still be a place for traditional library shelving of real books: Books of value; historical, or of precious nature. The same holds for museums that need storage capacity, or shelving for the many artifacts stored within these great institutions. For a library, with dwindling resources, specifically storage area & capacity, their is a greater need for storage systems to meet their increasing need for more shelves within less space. Also of note is the issue of having an electronic library catalogue of all items available with the use of Library Database Software

Mobile Shelving storage for libraries meets that demand head on, with easy to use high density storage systems: Roller racking, & mobile shelving, makes use of available library space, and frees such areas to create an atmosphere of inclusion where more people can gather & socialise together. With the additional floor space savings a single moving aisle can bring, librarians can be more efficient to reach all the shelving quickly, & easily.

JJ Storage has introduced a new brochure of mobile shelving systems that can be modified, or even custom built for a bespoke storage solution for libraries that can accommodate their needs, as well as using these custom built storage shelves for small parts storage, Book Libraries, archival & museum storage, or medical records. The ways in which the space saving attributes of roller racking & mobile shelving can be used, is innumerable.

Resources: [Custom Built Library Shelving Storage Systems:Library Shelving]


“UTSA opens nation’s first bookless library on a university campus,”, September 9, 2010, Christi Fish

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