Main Features of the Oak Roll Top Desk

There are many small businesses which are run from home, & having a nice working environment at least makes the daily grind more relaxing. Guest contributor, G. Smitty, has the following information regarding a nice addition to any home office.

Oak Roll Top Desk

Oak Roll Top Desk

Office furniture is an important consideration when you have to start a business. Even if you want to launch a home business, the office furniture is still necessary. The advantage you have is that you have many options. The oak roll top desk is one of those options. When you want a simple writing desk, this type is the best. It comes in a few designs, but they all have a roll top.

You can find a desk for adults and kids with an oak finish. If you want a lovely piece for yourself, you could find it online. Many sites have nice furniture that will match your tastes and preferences. The following are features of a typical roll top desk with an oak finish.

• Once you decide to buy it, you will receive a comfortable chair with an oak finish

• The table dimension for this desk is 27 inches W by 141/2 inches D by 36 inches H

• It features a brighter oak finish

• The desk is made of high quality wood

• This desk comes with a few drawers, namely: a lap drawer, a slide out writing board, two file drawers and a single utility drawer

• Its roll top design provides extra storage compartments, including a pencil drawer, and pegion holes

• After the vendor delivers this desk to you, assembling is necessary and it is easy.

This elegant and versatile desk is just right for your home. Anyone including older children can use it. Since it comes with a matching chair, you do not have to spend extra time looking for one. The chair has just the correct height even for a taller user. Just below one of its shelves, you will find a big space to allow you to spread your legs. The wooden chair is perfect to maintain a good posture. Since both the table and the desk match perfectly, they will still add in the beauty of your room. The design is ultramodern and attractive, so you could keep the desk where you want.

The few drawers it has are necessary for all your storage needs. Once you have finished using it keep each item. You can safely pull out a drawer, store the item inside and slide the drawer in again. For durability, this oak roll top desk has tall legs with a square cut, making it a simple looking item. Thus, its raised design makes it easy to protect its quality wood and oak finish from wetness and other risks. If you bring office paperwork at home, you need a desk such as this one. For your kids, the junior roll top desk with a light oak finish will do.

When the vendor delivers the desk, you will have to assemble it. Then, show your children how to use the desk to keep their schoolbooks and tools inside its drawers. A price of $280 is nothing compared to the damage your kids could cause in your living room. Kids will even lose their items and come back to you for others crying. If they learn the importance of using this desk, you will not have to worry any longer. You could keep this Oak Roll Top Desk for kids in their bedroom.

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