Van Shelving: Keeping Commercial Vans Equipped & Organised

Van Shelving For Commercial Vehicles

Van Shelving - Commercial Vehicles

It’s hard to have an entire workshop of tools and equipment packed into one van and also have the items all be organized in such a way that they are easy to find and use. Commercial shelving units and storage solutions make the most of your interior van space so your technicians can do their jobs.

The most basic interior commercial van accessory is van shelving. There are actually quite a few options when it comes to van shelving, and the best type of shelf really depends on what you plan to store on it. Shelves can be backless or have a solid backing. Some shelves have solid side walls while others only have a support column at each of the four corners. Ideally you’ll want a shelf with a solid back, walls, and even a hinged door for smaller items that will tend to roll off or fall behind a freestanding shelf. Another important consideration when buying van shelving is the way it will fit in your van. You’ll want to take careful measurement of your available space. If you are concerned about the height of the van shelving, see if you can locate contoured shelving with a graduated back to fit flush to the van.

When buying and installing commercial van shelving, also consider what tools and equipment will be needed most often on the job, and try to make a place for it on the doors or near the back of the van where it will be most easily accessible from outside the van. Your technicians can offer faster and more efficient customer service if everything they need is immediately at hand. Other configurations of storage cabinets, bins, and drawers are available for use in your commercial vans. What your businesses needs is very specific to the types of materials you need to carry with you. Just remember to measure carefully and map out a rough layout of the supplies and van interior before ordering anything.

Good, reliable van shelving will be made from heavy-duty steel, so make sure that the shelving you select can stand up to rigorous use. It will be used for many hours every day, for a long period of time overall. You want shelves that will last and resist rust and dents as much as possible.

Further information on Van Shelving for commercial vehicles, can be found by going to Greg Prathers web site Van Shelving. Greg Prather owns and operates Shelving Guy.

Storage Company Spotlight: Sapient Automation

Today we take a look at Sapient Automation, a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, including Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)   Horizontal and Vertical Carousels, to businesses. Our industry profile looks at their supply & management competencies in automated storage systems.

Sapient Automation - Automated Storage Retrieval SupplierSapient Automation, a subsidiary of MDCI, is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, institutions, retail and wholesale. A full provider of automated and robotic Viper Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Avenger Vertical Carousels, Hornet Horizontal Carousels, Shark Inventory Management Software, IMHM (Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring), Spitfire Pick Carts and more.

Sapient Automation recently announced the appointment of George Fiorentino, Jr. as their East Coast Director of Sales and Business Development. Fiorentino boasts over three decades of experience in the designing, selling and implementing automated storage and retrieval systems in facilities and organizations throughout North America. Prior to coming to Sapient Automation, George has spent years with White Systems, KardexRemstar and the ISD Division of Anderson and Associates in systems sales and development roles. In 1983, he joined White Systems as a Regional Manager and spent almost 22 years at White, leaving as one of their most successful salesmen. Fiorentino has won many “Top Gun” yearly sales awards at White Systems and also received the exclusive “Best Carousels Salesman Award” in White Systems’ 45+ year history.

Fiorentino left White Systems for KardexRemstar’s systems group. At KardexRemstar, George helped strengthen a sales region while significantly building the systems group. The KardexRemstar systems group added support and sales staff while Fiorentino was there and helped triple their annual sales volume. George left KardexRemstar to become a Sales Specialist for Andersen and Associates ISD Division. He had national sales responsibility and also worked on business development. During his long career, Fiorentino has been involved in many major storage and retrieval system design projects, including systems for Gardner Denver, Mazak, Saia-Burgess, and Northrop Grumman. Likewise, George has been involved in the designing of systems for CVS, Rite Aid, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Merck, Astra Zeneca, and WL Gore.

He also has an extensive background in healthcare and hospital applications, as well as manufacturing kitting. George was a seminar speaker at Promat and North America tradeshows from 2006 through 2009. From simple automation projects to integrated systems to “green field” entire facility design, Fiorentino has been able to help design systems which meet or exceed throughput, productivity, space savings, Return on Investment (ROI) required by his customers.

George Fiorentinos knowledge in the sale and integration of automated high density storage systems which save up to two-thirds of existing labor, 85 percent of wasted space and increase accuracy to 100 percent in order picking, MRO, maintenance repair and operations and spare parts for warehouses, manufacturing, wholesale, government and institutions. Fiorentino is experienced with technologies including the Viper Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Hornet Horizontal Carousels and Avenger Vertical Carousels, conveyor, shelving and other material handling equipment. Fiorentino began his career in the material handling industry in 1980 as a Sales Specialist for GLESCO, a Hallowell Master Distributor. George was trained by Hallowell on the Clay Bernard Systems Division of Hallowell and the Hallowell Hustler.

With thanks to Ed Romaine, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Sapient Automation, for the industry profile & background. Romaine has spent over 20 years involved with companies looking to maximize manufacturing, healthcare, distribution and warehousing practices using simple automation. Romaine is a frequent editorial and information contributor to hundreds of publications and a speaker at many Supply Chain, Logistics & Ergonomic functions including the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Promat, North American Material Handling, Southern California Plant Operations, NJ Material Handling Assoc., Applied Ergonomics, Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC), Lean Manufacturing Conference, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), NeoCon, Health Information Distribution Association (HIDA), National Catalog & Operations (NCOF) and more.

Within the industry trade organization, Material Handling Institute (MHI) Romaine is the Chairman for the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) group of America (2009 to current), was Chairman of the Order Fulfillment Council of America (2003 to 2008) and helped create the Carousel and VLM Product Section Group. He has spearheaded the efforts to create the first industry safety standards for horizontal carousels. He has an undergraduate degree from Ohio University and completed the Competitive Strategies program from Wharton Business School.

For information about Sapient Automation call 888-451-9711 or email: or visit the Sapient Automation web site at

Warehouse Storage Racks - Value Warehouse Floor Space

Business Shelving

Shelving For Businesses

Are you looking for a warehouse to store products? Then, commercial shelving is an option worth considering. Without the shelving, the working conditions in your warehouse would be unsafe for the workers and managing the warehouse can get difficult. The shelving allows the companies to operate effectively. Storing products and organizing them in a manner that actually allows the smooth functioning of work. With the shelving, moving and finding products takes very little effort. Businesses have a variety of storage and organization requirements. Hence, commercial shelving becomes very important.

If you haven’t installed commercial shelving in your warehouse, then your warehouses productivity can get hampered as it can affect the productivity of your company. The idea behind commercial shelving is to provide a better proper storage solution that organizes the space, yet maximizes the effectiveness of their operations. The shelving is so well designed that it leaves a free up space in a warehouse. Imagine a warehouse that has no type of any shelving or warehouse storage racks. There would be boxes of products everywhere lying around in the store house. There wouldn’t be any way to properly organize the boxes and that would take up lot of space.

No matter whether you are running a small audio/video store or even office or a heavy duty industrial warehouse, you will find commercial shelving to be the cost effective solution for your firm. Today, these particular office storage systems features plethora of clever and creative systems. It is available in wide variety ranging from racking, wire shelving, metal shelving, office shelving, high-density shelving, warehouse shelving, racking pallet, and more.

A racking pallet system is a material handling storing aid designed especially to store materials on the pallets. The pallet rack system is very essential and almost present in all modern warehouses, manufacturing units, retail centers, and other storage, and distribution facilities. A pallet rack is available many types including selective pallet rack, drive-in and drive-thru rack, push back rack, pallet flow rack cantilever pallet rack, double deep rack, and carton flow rack. These pallet racks ensures smooth functioning within the organization whether small, medium, or big.

Some of the advantages of using pallet racks are pallet system allows storage of products one upon another and providing high storage capacity. The stored materials can be easily picked up and transported. Selective pallets are made up of the vertical frames. Therefore, it allows storing of different sizes and shapes of packaged materials. Every racking pallet is used for some or the other purposes.

If you are looking to purchase warehouse storage racks or shelving, then log on to the Web. A thorough research can assure the quality storage products. Always go for the company that offers superior quality and unmatched durability. As warehouse storage racks boast of a modern look and provide optimum utilization of the space. Moreover, these storage racks require minimum maintenance and can withstand years of wear and tear.

Reheen Guin is a Shelving Expert, & authority on Racking. Find more information on Racking here.

Main Features of the Oak Roll Top Desk

There are many small businesses which are run from home, & having a nice working environment at least makes the daily grind more relaxing. Guest contributor, G. Smitty, has the following information regarding a nice addition to any home office.

Oak Roll Top Desk

Oak Roll Top Desk

Office furniture is an important consideration when you have to start a business. Even if you want to launch a home business, the office furniture is still necessary. The advantage you have is that you have many options. The oak roll top desk is one of those options. When you want a simple writing desk, this type is the best. It comes in a few designs, but they all have a roll top.

You can find a desk for adults and kids with an oak finish. If you want a lovely piece for yourself, you could find it online. Many sites have nice furniture that will match your tastes and preferences. The following are features of a typical roll top desk with an oak finish.

• Once you decide to buy it, you will receive a comfortable chair with an oak finish

• The table dimension for this desk is 27 inches W by 141/2 inches D by 36 inches H

• It features a brighter oak finish

• The desk is made of high quality wood

• This desk comes with a few drawers, namely: a lap drawer, a slide out writing board, two file drawers and a single utility drawer

• Its roll top design provides extra storage compartments, including a pencil drawer, and pegion holes

• After the vendor delivers this desk to you, assembling is necessary and it is easy.

This elegant and versatile desk is just right for your home. Anyone including older children can use it. Since it comes with a matching chair, you do not have to spend extra time looking for one. The chair has just the correct height even for a taller user. Just below one of its shelves, you will find a big space to allow you to spread your legs. The wooden chair is perfect to maintain a good posture. Since both the table and the desk match perfectly, they will still add in the beauty of your room. The design is ultramodern and attractive, so you could keep the desk where you want.

The few drawers it has are necessary for all your storage needs. Once you have finished using it keep each item. You can safely pull out a drawer, store the item inside and slide the drawer in again. For durability, this oak roll top desk has tall legs with a square cut, making it a simple looking item. Thus, its raised design makes it easy to protect its quality wood and oak finish from wetness and other risks. If you bring office paperwork at home, you need a desk such as this one. For your kids, the junior roll top desk with a light oak finish will do.

When the vendor delivers the desk, you will have to assemble it. Then, show your children how to use the desk to keep their schoolbooks and tools inside its drawers. A price of $280 is nothing compared to the damage your kids could cause in your living room. Kids will even lose their items and come back to you for others crying. If they learn the importance of using this desk, you will not have to worry any longer. You could keep this Oak Roll Top Desk for kids in their bedroom.

Thanks for the informative post goes to G. Smitty

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from Solid Oak Desks to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

Keeping Your Company Ahead with Correct Document Storage

Business Storage Systems  – Company Document Storage

Although focused on how Australian companies approach the details of proper business document storage, this article demonstrates that the lessons learned can be applied to businesses around the world. I’d like to thank Betty Smith for the commentary in this article.

Even while it keeps its stand as one of the top cultural and commercial locations in the world, Australia continues to cultivate its different sectors. More specifically, the business sector has seen the expansion of numerous companies both large and small. Numerous companies have demonstrated rapid boosts in sales and production, effectively creating a positive impact in the local economic system.

Business Document Storage

Compu-Stor Business Document Storage

Nonetheless, the country’s advancement may soon create problems to numerous companies that are quickly developing. There will come a time in a successful business life where records and files will accumulate in document storage and, with all the expansion of their operations, cause difficulties with storage space and inhibiting data protection and security. Space is limited and business ventures are only able to invest so much in it without muddling the math of their estimated revenue. Luckily, many companies have acted on demands that have sprung from concerns with storage space. Companies can now utilize document storage and data protection for both their physical files as well as their digital equivalents.

There are a variety of benefits present with doing your best with 3rd party document storage and data protection. In truth, most of the bigger companies currently based in Perth, Australia made good usage of such services, utilizing their provided facilities to and safely manage their business archives off site. Many different functions are available for companies that are challenged by the quantity of physical space they have got for their data and document storage. Perth service providers are now thankfully open to provide companies with their needs.

Common services offered:

Archive box storage

Long span, high metal shelves anchored in warehouses are a handful of the most common expert services that Perth-based companies utilize. Generally for data protection, these document storage boxes are fantastic for businesses who need a good number of physical archiving for their files.

Open shelf file storage

Within the warehouses of data protection and document storage providers, individuals might also find rows and rows of bays filled with solid metal shelves for open shelf storage. Open shelf file storage doesn’t require the usage of archive boxes, and may commonly possess a barcode provided for each file stored.

Modern digital services

Many businesses for data storage Perth has to offer include web and digital services for their clients. Numerous reliable services can grant companies with web-based software systems which could be easily managed. With the aid of their online management systems, companies can get an easier time with managing and accessing their records from just about anywhere. Firms need to look for service providers that will give electronic methods for accessing their files under document storage and data protection.

The benefits of online management include the following:

- Being able to retrieve files

- Approve details

- Search for and access several types of stored data

- View specifics of recent routines

Firms who wish for these products and services should think about a few options before settling and investing on one. Making sure to discover the most satisfactory data protection service agency ensures a good investment that may soon bring benefits.


Thanks to Betty Smith for this insight into the benefits of proper document storage. Betty Smith is a business owner that sees the significance in services. If your business is contemplating investing in Australian companies providing document storage Perth is the first place to discover good services.


How Palletizers Stack Up

It’s hard to imagine a modern distribution system without pallets and palletized loads. With the exception of single parcel shipments, just about everything shipped in any quantity is placed on a pallet and unitized into a compact high-density load for transport. Pallets are stacked, placed on racks (shelves) and handled in many different ways with the goal to deliver products quickly and efficiently. Pallets have made bulk handling of product extremely simple and the fork lift truck that moves pallets is common in stores, warehouses and any area where product is moved.

Describing a pallet and the product it contains is straightforward. A pallet is a raised platform upon which goods are placed for transport. Typically, the palletized items – cases, bags, cans, bottles, etc. – are smaller than the pallet. The pallet becomes a space efficient, easily handled transport mechanism for all of the smaller items. It may be made of wood, plastic, metal or corrugated kraft board and is usually rectangular in shape with the standard size of 40 in. x 48 in. The product is arranged on the pallet in an orderly and compact pattern permitting efficient handling throughout the distribution system. Patterns conform to the pallet shape and produce the optimized load in the pallet dimensions while maintaining structural strength forthe load.

Pattern design is dictated by how the pallet is handled in the distribution system. Pallets with a pattern designed for a shipping container may be different than those that move through a trucking system and a racked warehouse in a distribution center. The cases are not stacked the same on each layer on most pallets. Rather, an interlocked arrangement of cases is used to stabilize the load. Cases are arranged by length and width against each other to form a layer of the multiple layers in the unit load. Unless the cases are heavy or large, the tiers or layers are changed, normally rotated 180 degrees, to maintain structural strength in the stack of the load and to keep the layers from breaking apart in transit. Many pallet patterns deliberately produce small gaps or openings within the layers. This gap is a result of how the positioning of the cases end up creating a uniform outside cube on the pallet.
In determining how to palletize product, the packaging engineer must have an overview of the distribution system, the method of transport and the storage requirements of the product to determine the pallet load design. Originally hand palletization was used to stack the product in the pattern specified. While it is the most versatile way to stack product on a pallet, this method is only effective when the rate of product being palletized is slow. Automated single product palletization with a single pallet pattern evolved from hand palletization. High-level palletizers were developed to handle high-speed production operations that produced product at 50 to 60 (or more) cases per minute. The machines quickly placed and stacked cases on a pallet for shipment. Most high-level palletizers can handle six layers or tiers of product per minute. This modest beginning of one type of machine from the mid 20th Century has now evolved and expanded into a variety of methods for placing and arranging products on a pallet.

There are four basic designs or types of palletizers widely used in the industry today. These are high-level palletizers, low level palletizers, articulated arm robots and gantry palletizers. (Gantry type palletizers may use a robot arm or crane arrangement to pick and place the product on the pallet.)
Beyond the four basic units there are a number of other palletizer types with very specialized designs. These designs address unique products or situations including bulk palletizers for empty cans or bottles, and miscellaneous palletizers designed to palletize products packed in bags, drums and kegs. These are a small part of the overall market.

Of the four basic designs or types of palletizers the high-level or low-level are used most often for high-speed operations. This is sometimes referred to as fixed automation (the machine does not move). The difference between the two designs is how the tiers are first organized and then stacked on the pallet.
The name “high-level palletizer” describes, in general, the operation of the machine. A high level palletizer receives the product being palletized at an elevation or level considerably above the pallet. The pallet is fed into the palletizer from a magazine or accumulation station. As the pallet enters the palletizer it is raised and positioned under a bed or tray. The product moves onto the bed or tray and is organized into a single layer or tier of product. The pallet is below the level of the assembled tier and the entire layer of product is gently placed on the pallet. The equipment then begins organizing the second tier of product, modifying the arrangement of the cases to match the requirement of the pallet pattern. A slip-sheet, a heavy sheet of paper or paperboard, is sometimes used to separate the layers. The pallet and the first layer of product is lowered to the height of one layer and the second layer is placed on top of the first. This lowering of the pallet, layer by layer, is repeated until the correct number of layers is in place. The full pallet then lowers slowly to floor level and moves by conveyor or forklift to any banding or stretch wrapping operation employed prior to shipment. A second pallet is moved into position, raised to the level just below the forming bed and the process is repeated.

“Placement of the first layer on the pallet and placement of subsequent layers is critical in all palletizing operations,” says Ted Yeigh, Columbia Machine Inc., Vancouver, Wash. Products may not fit the standard dimensions of a pallet and when placed on the pallet they may “overhang,” or “underhang” the pallet edge. (Overhang means the cases stick out beyond the edge of the pallet, while underhang means the product does not reach to the edge of the pallet.) The palletizer must place each layer of product on the pallet in precisely the right position to minimize problems created when there is too much overhang or underhang.

Low level palletizers have the advantage of smaller footprints than high-level machines. A pallet in a low level machine is neither raised nor lowered and the tier or layer is formed at a level closer to the floor. Each layer is formed on a bed and then raised and lowered to transfer the load to the stationary pallet. The bed then returns to the starting position and the next layer is formed. After the pallet is completely loaded, it is discharged from the palletizer and another pallet is positioned and the process is repeated. Low-level palletizers normally move two and possibly three layers per minute onto a pallet.

Robotic palletizers, both articulated arm and gantry type, have begun to appear in increasing numbers in the last decade. Usually considered pick and place systems, robotic palletizers can pick up a single case or multiple cases of product from one or more locations and place them at pre-programmed spots on the pallet bed. Basic computing capability, combined with sensors to identify product variations, make robots intelligent systems that can identify and separate multiple product or package outputs. Robots also offer the ability to automate multiple production lines with one machine. By placing the discharge of multiple lines near a robot location, one robot has the capability to identify and handle multiple products. Robotic palletizers can also produce multiple pallet loads based on the size, shape or other identifying characteristics of the packaging line output, on multiple finished pallets. This is accomplished by the robot’s ability to rotate or move—a capability not available in fixed position high- or low-level conventional palletizers. Robot palletizers are generally slower than conventional systems because they may handle one case at a time or because they manage multiple functions at the same time. They typically handle 15 to 30 cases per minute.
Like all robots, those used in palletizing are described by the type of arm they use. Smaller, lighter products or applications use an articulated arm with multiple axis capability. Heavy weight products rely on a heavier arm or a gantry arm that typically has a limited number of axes of movement. This distinction is not absolute, however, and one can find cross examples with many variants in different robot palletizer operations.

The last group of machines are specialized palletizers designed for unique products or material handling opportunities. Bulk palletizers are the most common of these specialized units. A typical packaging application for a bulk palletizer would be building loads of empty cans for shipment from the canmaker to the filler. The unfilled package is palletized at the manufacturing location using a minimum of packaging and then transferred to the filler. Cans fit well in this bulk handling process, given their high inherent column strength. Metal cans are assembled in layers on a pallet with a slip-sheet between the layers. Each palletized tier of cans is banded to secure the load and then transported to the can filler where the process is reversed and the bulk cans are depallitized onto a filling line.


Palletizing equipment has been undergoing major changes in the past decade to keep up with different demands from different parts of the supply chain. “New Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls are transforming both conventional and robotic palletizers,” says Yeigh. “These controls permit the machines to be quickly reconfigured to handle different case sizes, pallet patterns and layers of product on the same machine.”

The computerized controls also provide improved data gathering and reporting. Real time reporting of production, alarm reports and downtime reports are some of the common capabilities customers need to refine their operations, along with other pieces of information important to the supply chain, like hourly output. Many of the new machines also contain complete schematics and operation manuals making them simpler and easier for people to troubleshoot and repair equipment without a call to the equipment supplier.

In many cases, the computer interfaces walk the operator or mechanic through troubleshooting or preventative maintenance. These interfaces are permitting palletizer makers to produce higher speed machines that can handle smaller case sizes.
“Many of the big box stores are moving to smaller cases and in some instances from traditional cases to shrink-wrapped product bundles increasing the capability and handling demands required on the machines,” says Yeigh. Both manufacturers and retailers are attempting to reduce waste and packaging, to deliver the largest amount of product to the consumer with the least amount of packaging.

HMIs are also making palletizers extremely versatile. “One robotic cell can handle four or five manufacturing lines because they can be adapted to multiple product variations, and because they typically handle only one or two units per movement,” says Harry Horni of Priority One, Bel Air, Md. “This gives them maximum flexibility in building different pallet patterns at the same time.”

Robotic palletizers, particularly gantry type palletizers, are moving into many distribution centers. These robots can handle a large number of lines and SKUs. “. . . (a gantry) can handle a large number of lines, sometimes 15 or more, and can produce the layered ‘rainbow pallet’ that makes distribution more efficient. A rainbow pallet is one where different layers may contain different products,” Horni says. “These systems can completely automate case picking operations for products like soft drinks, where different flavors in different quantities are needed at different stores.”

Ergonomics are a big advantage palletizers are bringing to smaller manufacturers. “A palletizer, either a conventional low level or robot, will minimize ergonomic issues associated with repetitive motion, lifting and rotation by employees doing hand palletizing,” says Dave Mathews, sales channel and new product development manager, Brenton Engineering Company, Alexandria, Minn. Small manufacturers are becoming aware of these advantages and in many cases are installing machines in operations that were not considered for a palletizer based on ergonomic improvements for employees alone.

Palletizers still have much room for improvement. The ability to organize at the case or unit level has started but still requires more refinement. Today’s supply chain, with its speed and intricacy, is a very new animal. The challenge facing palletizers is taking an old idea and keeping it new and useful to the new ways of handling and distributing product.

Columbia Palletizing provides expert palletizing equipment for manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

Business Mini Storage - Household Storage Rental

Local business, or household storage can take up valuable space within any premises. Mini storage is a valuable solution to those not needing full scale warehouse storage capabilities. Today we hear from Jenny Jones, and Sarah from Storage Mart, were they recommend using a small storage unit to complement any existing business storage, or even for longer term household off site storage.

Mini Storage Rental Business Household Storage

Off Site Business and Household Storage

Old business records and documents take more and more space as the business grows and matures over the years. No doubt until it has reached a stage of say more than 10 or 20 years, you are in no need of a big warehouse or tall racks to maintain those. And, at the same time you definitely can’t keep them with your usual stuff blocking the precious space in your office table. Mini storage comes to your rescue by way of providing mini storage units and containers that can take care of such stuff. Then there is stuff you may not need for the season, which has become old fashioned. Whatever the call, such units stand a better chance because they are cheaper in comparison to the regular sizes that are available. Decide your storing needs first, and see whether you really require furniture storage to dump off your old chair in that unit or can be put in the veranda to increase inside space. There are great chances that you would choose to pay minimum rent using mini storage facility.

However when it comes to storing for the vacations, such as your boat or RV or even a yacht, Storage Mart can cater to your needs by offering a variety of storing solutions. What makes boat storage quite necessary is that you can be sure that it is in safe hands, all locked and secure, and under video surveillance while you are away in your hotel room enjoying your freak out. Even RV storage matters not just with travelers, but residents too. This is because Storage Mart outlets have routine maintenance and fueling options to choose from. Besides, the climate controlled self storage that they offer is no doubt very useful against weather changes.

You can also use your garage much better, making enough way for your car. Instead of dumping tools and accessories associated with vacationing or even gardening and such stuff inside your garage, you can use your garage storage. Or, then you can also use car storage to keep your car in good condition and stuff your garage with unwanted things in racks and shelves. We know no bounds when it comes to flexibility of storage. When you chose to use mini storage at Storage Mart you are saving yourself lot of trouble. Besides storing, the facility is also useful to those people who are moving. This means getting plenty of time to organize your new home, before dumping your things from the old home you just left.

Imagine the clutter of boxes you will get staring back at you in your living room when you vacate your old home! The very sight makes your head reel. No doubt you will be confused as to where and how to start and what to handle before or after. Just get yourself a break before you leap into organizing that van full of luggage and call Storage Mart now to handle it well. Apart from mini storage, Storage Mart is capable of taking care of all your storage needs by offering every kind of facilities that you actually need.

If you are tired of grappling through the clutter looking for that tiny fancy clip, just try mini storage today! Or, you feel that those little clippings and buttons are going to leave you searching the whole place when you try finding them later, mini storage containers are the right solution. Storage Mart is the best answer that meets your storing needs quite befittingly.

The StorageMart Difference

“The StorageMart Difference” our customers experience begins with a company investing in its employees and creating a positive environment. StorageMart provides each property manager with product, sales and service training, which is then delivered to each storage customer. First-time storage customers can have a lot of questions; after all, placing the contents of your life into a square box can be scary, overwhelming and emotional. That’s why, at StorageMart, we make it our mission to provide safe, clean and friendly storage service, no matter what your circumstances.

Safety is a top priority at every self storage facility we operate. Video surveillance runs 24/7 so we always keep a watchful eye on the property and access controlled gates mean that only tenants of the property can enter. Personal PIN codes allow us to monitor who comes and goes. The sense of safety is all in the details; a well-lit facility means that you will be comfortable on our property at night. Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to every customer – all the time.

Cleanliness not only keeps our property safe, but provides a suitable environment for all your personal or business items. We’re “The Helpful Storage People” – ready to answer all your questions and provide the best service, above and beyond just a place to put your stuff. If you need moving and packing advice or help selecting the best size within your budget, our expert storage team is at your service. The difference our customers experience is the feeling in knowing they have placed their items in a safe, secure, clean and affordable storage property. We value your trust in us!

You can find out more by reading Sarah’s Blog postings over at StorageMart Business Storage

Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

There is no doubt that shop fittings are a costly business. If you are working to a tight budget and want to purchase your shelves at a price that you can afford, you may want to consider slatwall panels.

Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

Slatwall panels are made from medium/high density fibreboard which provide the strength to support virtually anything. By adding slatwall hooks you can support goods with weights of up to 40 pounds. Insert some metal grooves and you could increase this to a whopping 60 pounds. Slatwall panels are an economical way to purchase your shop fittings as they are much cheaper than solid wood but do an equally efficient job. Many business owners opt for slatwall panels as they combine elegant design and top-notch functionality into simple, uncluttered form. They can also be cut to fit into any awkward corners. Finished with a metal edge, they enhance the look of display cabinets or your main counter. When fitting out a shop, it is important to create the right ambiance. Good design is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Slatwall panels give you the freedom to be creative. They come in a variety of colours and can be cut according to your needs. They also provide the easiest and most cost effective way to energize a new store and turn it into an attractive showcase for your business success. With the versatility of slatwall panels you do not need to arrange your background against your fittings, you simply design your fittings around your background. Slatwall panels make it easy to create perfect displays for products that need to be hanged. The hooks are so easy to rearrange. Stock can also be displayed using shelf brackets, hang rail brackets or hang rail bars. This makes it easy to chop and change your display and breathe inspiration and creativity into your goods. A recent news article showed that a camera displayed on a clear plastic slatwall shelf sold in minutes as the simplicity of the design became the first point of interest to the subconscious mind.

DIY enthusiasts may be able to save even more money by installing their own shop fittings. However, it may be worth running this past your insurance company. A professional will give you the peace of mind that your shelves are installed correctly and will withstand the weigh of items that you wish to support. It is important that your shop fittings provide adequate protection for your stock and will not provide easy access to a thief. Slatwall panels give you the versatility to display your more expensive items on higher shelves. This has the effect of exhibiting higher priced items directly into the viewpoint of those who enter your store. This could promptly lead to a customer wanting to view the item which is out of reach and open up conversation. Then, all you have to do is hone in on your sales skills to ‘bag’ those more expensive items!

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Paperless Solutions Office Records Storage

With the passage of time, paper is hardly used in various business and office work these days. Paper work has been replaced by different forms of digital documentations because of the fact that digital documents are easy to maintain than paper document. Documentation has been shifted to digital form because of many reasons, the primary being those of costs saving, productivity gains, information sharing and space saving. Paperless solutions are also accepted as they contribute in protecting the personal or important records from illegal users.

Paperless Solutions Records Storage For Businesses And Offices

Paperless Solutions Office Records Storage

The traditional methods of documentations comprised paper folders, paper files, filing cabinets, shelves, drawing cabinets, compactus and microfiche systems, and required large space, equipments and maintenance. But the paperless solutions only require a chair, desk, scanner, printer and computer and the striking part is that it occupies very little space. Moreover, as all the information is stored in digital form, it makes it easy for the users to keep the records properly.

In large organizations, there is a need to store and record huge amount of data and for this, documentation management has to be strong enough to keep the records properly. Paperless solutions are a good way to manage the records and documents so that they can be utilized for future uses as well.

Paperless documentation contributes in converting information into paperless records and documents by using the highly advanced technique of document management software. By using paperless software, efficient management of data is done. In addition, other features of electronic documentations are that one gains huge levels of communication and security and that too with various striking functions and uses.

Other advantages and features of paperless document storage include:
• Protects data from illegal uses
• Contributes in sharing secured data
• Information is saved securely without any tension of losing it
• Protects records and documents from unforeseen disasters
• Easy maintenance and location of data by using keywords, file names and optical character acknowledgment

Future Filing is a reputed company that looks into the needs of the customers by taking care of document management and offers paperless documentation software. The system has been specially designed so that business units can easily store and manage records for future use. KIXZO is the paperless solution of this company which provides easy paperless solutions. For information on paperless, electronic document filing, paperless documentation and paperless document storage, you can log on to and know more great paperless solutions.

Thanks to Ngai Cobb, for this information on paperless office solutions. Ngai is a well known author who writes about Paperless Solutions, he has expertise in Paperless Office Solutions and Future Office Solutions.

Second Hand Storage Harrow

Second hand storage available in Harrow, Middlesex.

29 End Frames 6000m x 900mm
240 Beams 2700mm, complete weight is about 2 Tons.

Second Hand Storage Pallets Middlesex

Second Hand Storage Pallets Middlesex