Used Pallet Racking UK

Second hand, used Pallet Racking Available Now At JJ Storage Systems UK Ltd.

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Second hand, used Pallet Racking Available Now At JJ Storage Systems UK Ltd.

Used Pallet Racking

Used Mezzanine Used Pallet Racking

JJ Storage Systems UK, Ltd., has a used mezzanine floor, and used pallet racking available.

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Used Mezzanine Used Pallet Racking

Used Mezzanine Used Pallet Racking

Used Storage Containers

Available immediately, used plastic storage containers 600 Length x 400 Width x 240 Height. Contact Now

Second hand, used plastic storage containers 600 Length x 400 Width x 240 Height

Mobile Storage Systems

Innovation is the quality that keeps companies on top of their respective industries over the long term and in the office storage systems industry a Thai company has been leading the way for years now. Tellus Systems Ltd., located in Bangkok, has continually improved upon its product line of mobile shelving units used by companies for their compact storage of files, documents and general office supplies. Using an original idea, from some 60 years ago by the Compactus company of Switzerland, Tellus has continually upgraded the features and capabilities of their products over the last 10 years and has now launched a new brand name for their line of products called Mobilux.Mobilux Mobile Storage

Mobilux office storage products have many unique features but the most important fact about these ever-evolving products is their basic function – they save great amounts of space, and therefore money, for the people who use them. Many people may not be familiar with mobile shelving units but if you have an office that generates paperwork that must be saved and accessed easily then Mobilux products can provide some great solutions for almost any business.

And, Mobilux’s storage shelving is not limited to just offices. There are numerous applications that businesses as diverse as schools and retail shoe outlets have found for these products and there are new applications being devised all the time. As Mobilux keeps adding features to their product line and therefore making their storage shelving systems even more adaptable and flexible in their functionality, new ideas for using these modular storage systems keep presenting themselves.

There are many technical reasons why Mobilux products are superior to their competition but the overriding advantage that mobile storage units have over ordinary filing cabinets and shelving units is that businesses that employ these systems save money on the rent they pay for space. This simple fact alone means that these storage systems pay for themselves over the long term. This is their primary advantage for businesses that are looking to their bottom line but there are many other more intangible, and yet important, advantages as well.

One of the benefits that mobile office storage systems offer is ease with which employees can access files, documents, merchandise and any other materials that are stored in mobile shelving. A company can much better organize its storage systems and place needed documents and materials easily at hand for employees. The time saved because of this can greatly affect employees’ productivity resulting in a more efficient and profitable company.

Also, from a purely aesthetic standpoint Mobilux storage systems create a clean, uncluttered look for any business. And with the many design choices that the company offers, any office or workplace can become a more stimulating and pleasing environment in which to work. It’s hard to quantify these advantages in numbers but the effect on employee morale and mindset is still a definite advantage.

And, as stated above, Mobilux is ahead of its competition in the development of these flexible storage systems and manufactures the highest quality systems available. Lightweight materials, superior design characteristics and greater flexibility in configuring the systems are just some of the reasons why Mobilux continues to stay ahead of other companies in the industry. Mobilux has built its business with products that are second to none in quality and innovation along with a service philosophy that offers individual attention and problem-solving for every customer, big or small.

If your business has not explored using mobile storage systems then now may be the time to do so. For all of the reasons stated above and more, the use of Mobilux storage systems can help your business to expand and grow in an orderly, organized and profitable way. For more information see


Thanks to Tom Aikins for his guest article. Tom is a Bangkok-based journalist who runs an Online Marketing Excellence business at and does IT consulting at

Self Storage Units UK

They include recycling all re-usable waste, like paper and glass, using biodegradable packaging, having staff bring in cups or mugs for tea or coffee rather than using plastic throw-away cups, trying to cut down on paper use by not printing out unessential documents and by communicating as much as possible by email, remembering to switch off lights and computers when not in use and perhaps encouraging employees to car share.

There is, however, another way to cut energy use and reduce the carbon footprint that perhaps businesses have not considered. If your business needs to keep paper records of customer or client information, which can be a legal requirement for organisations like health authorities, residential homes, solicitors, accountants and will writers, how and where are they being stored? It is not always possible to convert all paper records to a digital version. It can take hours of staff time that might be better focused on the day’s business. It may also not be practical to do it for older, historic records that have a legal validity only in their original form or may not conform to modern standardised paper sizes.

However, it is worth considering how much floor space is being used within the business premises because it is additional space that has to be lit and perhaps also heated. As businesses are now required to record their energy and emission use it could cut the energy use by consolidating it all and storing it off site in a centralised self-store facility.

It is not only business archiving that can be centrally stored to reduced the carbon footprint. We know of an e-business in Ipswich, UK, that sells all its products online and keeps its stock in a self-store facility. The owner says it cuts down on the space, and therefore the energy that the business uses to as little as possible. Similarly, a children’s centre in the town has a vast collection of donated toys for both indoor and outdoor use. Keeping the surplus in a self-store facility means that outdoor play equipment can be protected in the winter, prolonging its useful life, and indoor play equipment can be rotated to allow for repairs and cleaning and also to ensure that there are regularly new ranges of toys to keep the children stimulated.

There are other advantages to centralising storage. It helps to declutter the office and it is possible to install shelving or racking for stock and equipment, or filing systems for archiving, in a self store unit to make it easy for the business to access anything it needs quickly. Self-store facilities themselves contribute to energy efficiency because most of them have heat or motion-sensitive lighting indoors and for outdoor security. Using a centraliserd self-store unit can therefore give a business not only environmental but financial benefits. By centralising archiving and stock storage in a self-storage facility businesses can become more environmentally friendly as well as reducing their energy consumption.

Thanks to our guest writer, Ali Withers, for the information on self storage units that help businesses save on energy costs. To learn more about how businesses in Ipswich, UK, have benefited from using these, please visit self store unit in Suffolk.

How to Choose the Best Work Bench

Used And New Workbenches, Workshop Benches

Used And New Workbenches, Workshop Benches

Sleek industrial work benches made of sturdy metallic materials can support a lot of weight and not cave in under pressure. They are available in the common dimensions as well as in custom sizes. Other than standard benches, there are specially designed models like packaging work benches with steel dividers, solid double-sided benches, LAN stations, corner units, special carts and racks and much more. All these cater to the specific shelving needs of an office. A three-piece corner unit, for example, uses space optimally to serve as a workstation for at least two workers, and offers ample storage space in the form of pull-open drawers.

Moulded, laminated edging and a coat of rust and stain-free paint makes industrial work benches long-lasting furniture. Square tubing improves the aesthetics of standard benches, a strong frame makes the bench a high-quality utility and specially welded footrests protect the floor from scratches. Heavy-duty open storage can’t get better than this. Contemporary design combined with good reliability and strength is the USP of standard benches made of steel, one of the most industrially preferred building materials. Ergonomics and style are taken into account while constructing these pieces, which serve needs as diverse as holding heavy accounts books to storing electrical equipment.

You can add to your customised industrial work bench accessories like steel drawers for storing files, with and without locks, as well as a range of fittings and add-ons like bottom shelves, riser shelves, specialised lighting, leg extensions, hydraulics, rulers, etc. These bench accessories make your workstation a self-contained module where you can work efficiently without having to get up now and then to fetch something you need. Stock all your office stationery and industrial tools right inside your industrial work bench.

And the best part is, standard benches made for industrial purposes look as sleek and shiny as their commercial, generic counterparts. In fact, you can paint your industrial bench any colour you like, to match the décor of your office. Add some teardrop lighting, and you’re all set for a glitzy workstation that is also strong and won’t give in when you place a particularly heavy piece of machinery on it. Go in for thick, high-density particle boards for a sturdy surface and choose auto-lift hydraulic industrial work benches if that’s what you’re looking for. And yes, for good old-fashioned drafting, there are modern benches with high resistance, fitted surface tilts according to your specifications and gauge steel legs.

Thanks to Brooke Thom for this guest article on workbenches. If you are looking for great deals on workbenches in Santa Clara, CA, you can contact Brooke at Bench Tek. Brooke Thom is an expert author and webmaster of bench tek. The website having details of workbenches furniture, cleanroom furniture, laboratory benches, industrial work benches, double sided benches.

Second Hand Meeting Room Desks Chairs

Used Meeting Room Desks & Chairs available now from JJ Storage Systems UK, Ltd.


Second Hand Meeting Room Desks Chairs

Used Warehouse Storage Containers

Used Warehouse Storage Containers. Large storage containers in used condition, HD containers available in small unit sizes: £90 UK per unit, & large containers: £130 UK per unit. Storage containers available now from JJ Storage Systems, Ltd.


Used Warehouse Storage Containers

Second Hand Office Safe

Used office safe. Second hand push button combination office safe available.


Second Hand Office Safe

Used Office Desks 25 Units

Used Office Desks. Second hand wave desks available in used condition, 25 units available.

Used Office Desks 25 Units

Used Office Desks 25 Units