Wire Shelving


Standard wire shelving features four steel poles, 7″ to 8 feet in height, with shelves that are usually between 18 to 30 inches deep and two to six feet wide. The shelves have four holes on the corners where the poles insert and little plastic clips keep them connected. The shelves are held on by circular grooves on the poles which are usually spaced one inch apart throughout its length, making it extremely easy for the individual shelves to be moved to any height when the unit is fully assembled without taking apart the unit or moving the other shelves. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble these shelves, although a rubber mallet is useful.


Wire shelving is excellent in areas where fire prevention is stressed because its open design allows sprinkler systems to function where solid shelving might block water flow.

Chrome-plated steel is much cheaper and much less rust resistant to scratches. Typical colors are chrome, white and black.

Incompatible Standards and Labeling

However, not all pole diameters and shelf widths in use are the same. The various plastic connectors are not interchangeable among manufacturers. Many use proprietary designs that do not fit with the systems of other makers. This variance tends to make it difficult to mix and match various brands of shelving.

Weight capacity ratings

Shelves are manufactured in many different weight limits from 300 to 1,200 pounds. It is important to note that most shelving is rated per shelf level for evenly distributed loads. The definition of a capacity rating may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and should be confirmed before shelving is used at or near its listed capacity

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Mesh Partitions | Industrial Wire Shelving

Talking with Simon Harris, from Shelving Review, he reveals important considerations when using Industrial Wire Shelving, or Mesh partitions which allow complete visibility of products, or equipment while also keeping inventory secure. Built with quality materials, mesh partitioning is more resistant to damage, & is a long lasting storage solution.

Installation of mesh partitions is faster than other traditional storage solutions, & can be easily maintained. The system can be relocated to a different area within your warehouse, depot, or factory giving you a modular system. The partitions may even be installed on Mezzanine Floor.

Mesh Partitioning

When you want to stack things on a shelf that will hold them and hold them in place, then wire shelving is a great choice. This type of shelving is designed for using with displays as well as storing things like smaller groceries, boxes, and items of that nature. If you own a grocery store and want to stack heavier items or have longer rows of bigger items, then industrial wire shelving may be a better choice. When choosing your shelving you want to make sure you check the weight limitations on the different manufacture brands.

Several companies offer industrial wire shelving and within each manufacture there are different sizes, types, and strengths. Often you will find that companies won’t add chemicals to the shelving to assure safety of the breathing area around your shelves. Although some people choose to spray paint their shelves to make them match their store or theme, they may not realize that over time the heat can cause these chemicals to dissipate into the air. This will often void the warranty as well as cause some problems with the shelving ability to keep items from slipping off of them.

You can look online for a variety of different companies that sell industrial wire shelving, and you will also learn about what they offer. There are many sites dedicated to showing you how these shelves can be used, while others will go over specific safety hazards and rules of using them. If you’re not sure if you should use the wire shelving or steel shelves (or another type) then doing research on this could give you the insight you need. Many of the sites that explain how to use the shelves, what shelves are best for what project, they also tend to show you where you can get the shelves themselves.

Many manufactures of the shelves will also put up a site or a section of their site for both safety and some ideas of how to use them. Some of these shelves also have expandability, meaning they can be expanded up or sideways. Many can simply be set side by side to create longer rows as well!

Simon Harris writes about all types of shelving at: http://www.shelvingreview.com

Pallet Racking | Industrial Shelving

Using Adjustable Pallet Racking, Easy Rack from Houston in Texas, gives us information regarding uses for industrial shelving.

Adjustable pallet racking, having frames and beams, is made to provide a modularised warehouse storage solution. The system is easily accessible with Fork Lift trucks using palleted loads.

Theoretically, any proportionally balanced container or object can be stored on an industrial shelf. Provided the container or object has a flat bottom surface, it can safely balance on the supporting shelf. Even round containers can be stored on industrial shelves provided they have a sufficient diameter on both ends that will allow the cylinder to rest securely on its end.

Industrial shelves come in all sizes, design builds, and weight capacities to fully accommodate the many environments found in the typical factory, warehouse, or services center. Light weight units are often used in offices, whereas more heavy duty models are used in warehousing, shipping/receiving, and automotive service industries. Industrial shelving has a way of paying for itself with a number of benefits that carry with them a substantial return on investment. Converting unused space into storage areas reduces the likelihood that an organization will have to spend money on relocation or an expansion. It also makes it easier for workers to access products and supplies, which in turn helps speed up process flow.

Adjustable pallet racking, having frames and beams, is made to provide a modularised warehouse storage solution. The system is easily accessible with Fork Lift trucks using palleted loads.
Different sized industrial shelving units are used in specific environments.The strength of the shelf will to a certain extent determine what can be stored on it. 18 gauge and 20 gauge closed back industrial shelves that can easily support 400-450 lbs in weight are routinely used for storing boxes in stockrooms. Smaller open backed shelves are often used by office managers to store to the entirety of a wall can be reorganized with as many of these units as you need to stack and store materials, products, supplies, tools, and even paperwork. Larger industrial shelves, of course, are used for more heavy duty storage, and they are often linked together in a “boxed shelving” configuration to support up to 2,000 pounds in weight.

When choosing industrial shelving, keep three things in mind.

1. The first priority is safety. With extremely heavy items and large containers, order shelving whose weight capacity exceeds the total weight of items. Maxing out a brand new shelving system is never a good idea. A worker may not be aware of that a shelf already contains all it can handle and inadvertently add additional weight beyond safe limits.

2. The second thing to consider is accessibility. If workers have to retrieve items from the front of the shelf only, closed back industrial shelving offer a sturdy, cabinet like design build for stability and security (the units can be shut and locked at night if necessary). If items stored aren’t that sensitive, or if workers need to access them from any angle at will, open ended systems work well for this task.

3. Keep perspective in mind. The dimensions of a shelf are not true indicators of the actual interior, usable storage space. To make certain every square cubic inch pays you back for your investment, talk to your material handling specialist about usable storage space, weight capacity, accessibility, and methods of ensuring the unit remains stable and secure in every conceivable scenario.

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Secure Offsite Records Storage | Office Files Management

Nicky Bullimore from Record Max, talked about some of the considerations of using an off site backup for office records storage. Business records, or company archives need secure, efficient records storage; whether off site, or on premises, secure office files storage.

One of the first things to do when deciding on which company to choose when it comes to outsourcing the management of you sensitive data and documents is to visit the premises you are considering to see exactly how things work.

Most storage companies will have a variety of ways to manage and store information. This is due to the types of information that they store. Not all files that are kept by a company will need to be retrieved for use at a later date; therefore, how this information is stored may be different to a system used to store information that is likely to be required again.

Archiving information which is no longer needed for retrieval may be stored in secure boxes so when the times comes where they are no longer required to keep by law, they can be easily destroyed.

Documents are kept safe from water damage, & the high impact durablity of plastic office containers give your office manager peace of mind.

Secure Offsite Records Storage

Information that may be required for retrieval, such as medical records, can be stored in an open shelving environment so that it is alot easier to find that information when it is needed. It isn’t always necessary to send an employee along to the offsite records storage company to retrieve a document as more often than not, these companies can provide a service where they can deliver this information to you in the space of a few hours.

It would be a good idea to write a list before visiting a storage company with questions so that you know exactly how your information is going to be handled. Find out about what security systems they have in place to ensure the safety of your documents. What security is offered when the end of the working day comes and all of the employers have gone home?

Ask questions relating to how the information is going to be managed.  Most storage companies will have a bar-coding system which enables your information to be stored, managed and retrieved easily. You can take a look around the premises to see how this works in action as well as see how where your information will be stored.

Offsite records storage companies store all kinds of different information in a variety of formats for a wide range of companies. On many occasions they hold information with people’s personal details relating to all kinds of different situations. Even for a company to hold medical records will give you a good idea of the type of security that needs to be in place to ensure this information is not lost or damaged.

These companies take on a great responsibility when storing this kind of information, so they fully understand the requirements of the businesses they store documents for. However, it is always still advisable to visit a storage company before you decide which one you will use. This then helps you see everything in action as well as different types of storage and management systems they offer to find out which best will suit your requirements.

Most storage companies will also prove to be more cost effective than managing your own information if you accumulate alot of data which is required by law to store for a number of years. Storing and managing your own information can become quite costly, so outsourcing your records management and storage to a professional company could not only keep your information well managed, but when you look at how much it might cost you for self storage, it is likely you will be saving valuable money by using an offsite business.

Nicky Bullimore has been writing articles on various topics for a number of years. Find out more on Offsite Records Storage, Jackson, Mississippi and Business file and document storage

Commercial Industrial Shelving

From adjustable beam Pallet Racking, heavy duty shelving through to ‘live storage’, & fully integrated turnkey warehouse schemes, Pallet Racking sets a standard for goods, or product storage in small, medium, or large warehouses. Using commercial shelving, whether new or second hand, can vastly improve productivity within large industrial warehouse companies. ISS Pro Rack, an Australian supplier of industrial shelving units, spoke about the needs of large organisations using industrial, or commercial shelving.

If you run and operate a business that features a warehouse wherein you store products, then you no doubt take advantage of commercial shelving. Without commercial shelving the working conditions in your warehouse would be unsafe for workers and would be a nightmare to manage. Industrial shelving allows companies to effectively store products and to organize them in a manner that allows them to move products and find products with every little effort. If your warehouse does not take advantage of commercial shelving then your warehouses productivity and organization are not at the level that they should be.

Commercial Industrial Shelving | We also supply cantilever racking systems designed for the lightest loads, to the maximum storage capacities needed by your warehouse, which are the best storage solutions offered for warehousing needs.

Commercial Industrial Shelving

The idea behind commercial shelving is to first provide organization to a warehouse. This organization is also designed to free up space in a warehouse.  Imagine a warehouse that has no type of industrial shelving. There would be boxes of products sitting about everywhere. There would be no way to properly organize these boxes and they would take up a lot of space. This would make it impossible for forklifts or other pieces of equipment to move about and collect and move these boxes.

When you install industrial shelving in your warehouse you can purchase shelves up to 11 metres in height. These shelves would then be constructed in a very strategic manner and placed in a manner which allows you to take advantage of all the space in your warehouse. This will provide excellent organization and will also make your warehouse a much safer work environment for the warehouse employees. Additionally, it will prevent common damages from happening to your stored products.  If you don’t take advantage of commercial shelving you will quickly discover that many of your products will be damaged. You can avoid potential damage to products up to 80% when you use industrial shelving.

Productivity of a company will also improve when industrial shelving is taken advantage of. It will be easier for warehouse workers to move products from shelves, to find products that they need, and to transport them from one location to another. This is due to the manner in which commercial shelving is designed. It is not only designed to save space and to protect products, but is also designed to easily be managed with equipment. The majority of industrial shelving is also designed to deal with the general weight of any type of product that you choose to store. This allows you the freedom from worry from shelves collapsing and causing injuries to employees or to the products which you are storing.

ISS Pro Rack is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of commercial shelving and industrial shelving. They are a friendly and efficient company who have the best interests of their customers in mind when assisting them in obtaining the commercial shelving that will work the best with their particular warehouse. Additionally, they are one of the most affordable commercial shelving companies in the industry. If your company is located in Australia and you are looking to improve your warehouse productivity, then you should contact ISS Pro Rack for an assessment of their services.

ISS Pro Rack is a leader in industrial shelving in Australia. If you are looking for commercial shelving that is affordable and built to last, then you should consider the services of ISS Pro Rack.

Office Records Storage | Storage Units

If your business is facing a new storage space problem, need to solve a space problem quickly, or perhaps just want a standard office filing solution; JJ Storage Systems are the top filing, & storage experts. Migson Public Storage talk about the benefits for office filing & storage by moving those files into storage to free up space for more profitable uses such as additional offices.

Just about everyone at some time or other has wished they had more storage space. This applies to both businesses and individuals. With the present state of the economy, creating storage units or additional space can bring in extra income. Storage units can be a source of revenue for businesses or even apartment or condominium owners.

One way storage units are useful is that files can be moved to make better use of

If your business is facing a new storage space problem, need to solve a space problem quickly, or perhaps just want a standard office filing solution; JJ Storage Systems are the top filing, & storage experts.

Reliable Office Filing Storage From JJ Storage Systems, UK

is one prime example of how storage units can be used to help increase revenue. If dated files that are not being used regularly are kept in prime office space, they are not adding to profitability. Moving those files into storage can free up space for more profitable uses such as additional offices.

Some warehouses can also improve or increase their own storage space and store items for others. One ideal and fairly inexpensive way to increase storage space is to use pallets or shelving units which can hold lots of different types of items. Improved storage can also lead to improved operational efficiency. It helps especially in locating needed material or items quickly and easily.

Additional storage units can also work to generate additional revenue by ensuring that raw material is always available for manufacturing ventures. If that company creates storage units or rents storage space, they could buy in bulk meaning that they pay less for raw material. As well, they will have purchased items at a lower price in the event that operating costs increase.

In short, storage units can help a company better manage its inventory which results in increased profit or revenue in the long run. This is something any company would want; especially since the outlay to create more space may not be high. Best of all, storage units can be rented, built, or an existing one modified, for better use.

A family with a storage unit that is not fully utilized could also earn additional income. They can rent the storage for boats, furniture or other items for families without storage such as apartment dwellers. The fact that storage units are relatively maintenance-free is also a benefit as there is little expense incurred by keeping them.

To get additional revenue, some businesses actually rent or lease vacant space in the basement as storage. This can bring in quite a chunk in additional income. Many buildings have valuable storage space in the basement that is used to store junk. Getting rid of the unwanted items and cleaning up the space for storage rental is good business sense.

The troubled economy has led many people and businesses to seek new ways to earn revenue, but it is also responsible for the increased demand for storage space. Look around and see where you have unused space that can be used for storage. This space, if large enough, can be used to bring in additional revenue. Increased earnings are a boom in the best of times, but even more so in the worst of times.

Self storage in Toronto has proven to be a worthy investment for businesses. By adopting a storage unit in Toronto, it lowers the chances of inventory damages. London self storage also helps businesses become more organized.

Material Handling | Warehouse

Many large organisations face challenges in storage solutions, such as manufacturers, or distributors. Recently, Easy Rack from Houston in Texas, spoke about materials handling.

Recession-proofing your facility requires careful consideration of all time and safety issues pertinent to your process flow. With the correct material handling products, you can ensure that your production is being accomplished with maximum speed and efficiency and minimum risk of injury. Using the right tool also reduces the risk of penalties for non-compliance with safety regulations, and it can even possibly result in lowering general liability insurance rates.

All material handling products are designed to either transport materials or store them safely and efficiently. Understanding the benefits of each product category makes procurement simple and cost effective.
commercial product warehouse, materials handling

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks are material handling products that provide an economical way to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck. Many models found in our online inventory feature special ergonomic designs that allow operators to steer corners with minimal effort and to pull heavy loads with only 75 pounds of total force. Other models feature hydraulic systems that allow operators to lift up to 4,000 pounds without back or shoulder strain.

Self-Dumping Hoppers

Self dumping hoppers are large boxes with hinged bases that serve as waste disposal units. They can be picked up by fork trucks and emptied through a convenient self-dumping mechanism that closes once the waste is disposed of. A wide range of hoppers exists that is designed to carry everything from wood and broken down boxes to hazardous materials and liquid waste.

Gantry Cranes & Jibs

Jib cranes and gantry cranes are material handling products that maximize mobility with a minimum of equipment and accessories. Gantry cranes feature pinned connections and do not require bolts or riveting for assembling. Not only can a worker disassemble these material handling products single handedly, the crane can also be carried with a two-strap harness that fits across the back.

Jib cranes are material handling products that allow workers to work more quickly with less risk to personal safety. Jib cranes allow workers to lift materials from a cart to a workbench with no strain on the back.

Both gantry cranes and jib cranes come in either steel or aluminum builds.

Lift Master Booms

Lift master booms are material handling products that can add up to five feet in height to a fork truck. Most material handling vendors carry both telescoping and non-telescoping designs. Short booms specialize in moving equipment through tight spaces and aisles, while larger models can handle up to 4,000 pounds of weight.

Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are some of the most versatile, cost effective, and efficient material handling products available. Specialized models exist for virtually every indoor and outdoor application. Each hand truck, regardless of design, is engineered to provide workers with the maximum amount of control for mobility regardless of weight loads. Most models are made from aluminum, although a fiber hand truck is also available for extra light loads and weight capacities.

Choose from designs such as special four wheel models for outdoor terrain, dual handle model for added ergonomic comfort, dual directional for maneuvering between pallet racks and mezzanines, and “P”-handle hand trucks specifically manufactured for easily moving heavy and awkward sized loads.

Work Platforms

Work platforms are material handling products designed to provide a convenient method of safely and quickly transporting maintenance personnel where they are needed. They attach to fork trucks by means of fork pockets and chains. Units feature emergency stop button kits, web lanyards, and safety harnesses.

Shelving & Storage Solutions

Easy Rack shelving and storage solutions feature everything from pallet racks for general pallet storage to medium and heavy duty cantilever racks. Both lines of material handling products offer flexibility and multiple options for customization. High density storage, tool storage, and parts organization can be done with any number of bin storage cabinets and bar racks. These tools maximize your floor space and vertical cube and significantly reduce the necessity of having to move to larger facilities for an apparent lack of room.

Fork Extensions

Fork extensions provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with a fork truck. Featuring welded steel construction with cast steel tips, steel retaining straps prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use.

It is always good to speak with a specialist when ordering material handling products. Not only will advice from an expert help better pinpoint your purchasing, but many material handling products can be obtained in good, used condition. Savings of up to 40% can often be generated on a significant number of purchases.

More information on Material Handling Products can be obtained at www.easyrack.org

Pick To Light Paperless Picking Systems

Lightning Pick Technologies, providers of paperless picking systems including the number one selling Pick to Light solution in North America recently released Lightning Pick NW Series Wireless Pick to Light System. The NW Series is the first completely mobile Pick to Light technology in the market, introducing an expanded range of applications that can benefit from light-directed order picking.

Light-directed order fulfillment systems use light indicator modules mounted to shelving, flow rack, work benches, pallet rack or other storage locations. Whenever product is needed from a particular location, the right indicator turns on, drawing attention where action is required. The operator picks the product quantity displayed. The operator then confirms the pick by pressing the lighted button.

In 1998 Lightning Pick introduced duct-based Pick to Light technology to the United States. These cable-free light modules retrofit to a rack, shelf, cart or other material handling storage media. The new track-lighting style hardware lowered installation costs and is more flexible for system reconfiguration, maintenance, and expansion. Cable-free displays are the industry standard, but distributors still sought after a means of applying Pick to Light speed and accuracy to operations that did not have the infrastructure for mounted lights.

The LP Wireless Pick to Light System is ideal for any temporary or mobile product locations such as totes, bins, shipping containers, pallets on open floors and others. By placing the portable light module on or near the required product location it is immediately part of the Pick to Light operation. Bays and zones can leverage a combination of classic Lightning Pick track-mounted and wireless lights, all of which are easily configured within Lightning Pick software.

About Lightning Pick For over 25 years and across 500 installations worldwide, Lightning Pick Technologies has delivered advanced order picking technologies on time, on budget, every time. Lightning Pick has best-in-class applications for Pick to Light, Put to Light, Pack to Light (Put to Store) Voice and RF systems support lean supply chain processes from manufacturing through order fulfillment. As a result, Lightning Pick clients improve their level of service, achieve superior order quality, and advance their positions in the market.


Thanks to guest poster, Joe Pelej from Lightning Pick Technologies for the article.

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Office Furniture Supplier

Importance of Good Office Furniture

What gives any place of dwelling a comfortable look is the furniture ‘inrichting kantoor’ it encompasses. This theory does not only apply to homes and luxury places but also for offices which is the second home for many. There are many offices that do not give much importance to the furniture they use, thus they compromise with the productivity and health of their staff. Office Furniture

While choosing the office furniture you need to consider many more things apart from the look. Apart from the appearance of the furniture you need to check if the furniture is comfortable to use as you and your employees will be using it for long hours. Also you need to keep the space in mind while selecting the office equipment. Sleek and sturdy office equipment gives a contemporary look with loads of comfort.

The area where the employee sits the entire day to perform the work is most important; the sitting arrangement of this section is the most crucial. The office desk office of the cubicle or workstation needs to be sturdy and durable with a lot space given for mobility. The seating is another important factor as it provides comfortable posture for working. A well selected office chair and desk help in giving high performance. Comfortable sitting arrangements are not a luxury but a necessity for any office. The work station is the key area of performance and supports activities like writing, calling, performing computer tasks; hence, it also needs to be durable.

The office chair of an employee is a seat that is occupied for 8 hours a day. 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year. Even if a job is sedentary it can take a toll on your body. Constant sitting causes your back and hips to strain also putting pressure on the knees. This can have serious impact over the years. Hence proper ergonomics of office furniture to support the body especially the spine is an indispensable factor. Even matters like the placement of the keyboard, the height of the computer screen and the height of the chair and the desk are very important. These minor looking concerns go a long way in reducing aches and pains as well as larger issues such as arthritis and carpal tunnel.Office Storage Filing

Storage is an important factor to consider while deciding on office furniture. An office has a lot of stuff like files, documents, stationery and other inventories that require proper storage area. Office storage equipment includes shelves, cabinets, file cabinets and bookcases. The modern office furniture for storage comes in many forms that provide space, style and contribute to the ambiance.

As far as the interior and the looks are considered for an office, the market today presents array of designer office furniture with style and comfort. Office furniture is a deciding factor when it comes to setting the office environment. The set up for office furniture needs to be done as per the nature of work carried out in that place. The kind of duties to be carried out guides you in selecting the right office furniture and provides high productivity.

Not only is a well furnished office important for the staff to perform and be motivated but it also leaves an impression on your clients. To begin with a well decorated reception with comfortable sitting arrangement and decor give positive vibes to the clients. Further an effective office layout with high performing furniture convinces the clients of the great productivity level provided by your business.

There are many vendors in the market that provide best deals on office furniture ‘kantoormeubilair’. Moonen Import Export is great solution to look at if you are setting up a new office or if you are renovating the existing one.


Thanks to Moonen Import Export, for the article. For further information:

Moonen Import Export offers great functionality, flexibility, style and budget. They aim at linking the client’s need with their experience and knowledge. They ensure to create an office environment kantoorinrichtingen you desire within an affordable budget.

Office File Storage - Containers

Container Storage

Office Storage ContainersA full range of plastic containers stored at 3 sites in the UK. From the smallest part containers to the largest pallet size container. From wall bracket systems to carousel multibin systems. With over 60 varieties of bins suited to a selection of environments. Storage containers are also useful for office supplies. We often stock Recycled containers please call to find if we have a size to suit your business.

Documents are kept safe from water damage, & the high impact durability of plastic office containers give your office manager peace of mind.

Office Storage Containers

Ensure important office documents are kept organised, & protected with our range of office file storage solutions. Our selection of file storage containers offer ease of use, with a portable, manageable office filing system.

  • Carousel Storage Systems

Vertical, or horizontal carousel multi-bin storage offer the maximum usage of space within an office, or warehouse environment. Suitable for small parts storage, documents, or office files.

Useful for small parts storage, or using larger containers in an industrial warehouse environment. Sturdy, & resilient, our container storage bins give long lasting use for a variety of storage needs.