Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

There is no doubt that shop fittings are a costly business. If you are working to a tight budget and want to purchase your shelves at a price that you can afford, you may want to consider slatwall panels.

Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

Slatwall Shopfittings For Shops And Retail Trade

Slatwall panels are made from medium/high density fibreboard which provide the strength to support virtually anything. By adding slatwall hooks you can support goods with weights of up to 40 pounds. Insert some metal grooves and you could increase this to a whopping 60 pounds. Slatwall panels are an economical way to purchase your shop fittings as they are much cheaper than solid wood but do an equally efficient job. Many business owners opt for slatwall panels as they combine elegant design and top-notch functionality into simple, uncluttered form. They can also be cut to fit into any awkward corners. Finished with a metal edge, they enhance the look of display cabinets or your main counter. When fitting out a shop, it is important to create the right ambiance. Good design is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Slatwall panels give you the freedom to be creative. They come in a variety of colours and can be cut according to your needs. They also provide the easiest and most cost effective way to energize a new store and turn it into an attractive showcase for your business success. With the versatility of slatwall panels you do not need to arrange your background against your fittings, you simply design your fittings around your background. Slatwall panels make it easy to create perfect displays for products that need to be hanged. The hooks are so easy to rearrange. Stock can also be displayed using shelf brackets, hang rail brackets or hang rail bars. This makes it easy to chop and change your display and breathe inspiration and creativity into your goods. A recent news article showed that a camera displayed on a clear plastic slatwall shelf sold in minutes as the simplicity of the design became the first point of interest to the subconscious mind.

DIY enthusiasts may be able to save even more money by installing their own shop fittings. However, it may be worth running this past your insurance company. A professional will give you the peace of mind that your shelves are installed correctly and will withstand the weigh of items that you wish to support. It is important that your shop fittings provide adequate protection for your stock and will not provide easy access to a thief. Slatwall panels give you the versatility to display your more expensive items on higher shelves. This has the effect of exhibiting higher priced items directly into the viewpoint of those who enter your store. This could promptly lead to a customer wanting to view the item which is out of reach and open up conversation. Then, all you have to do is hone in on your sales skills to ‘bag’ those more expensive items!

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