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Used Pallet Racking | Hi Lo Pallet Racking Available

We are currently dismantling the following

Used Hi Lo Pallet Racking Units Available Second Hand.

Details of the racking -

109 units pallet racking 4800mm x 900mm @ £38 ea.
39 units pallet racking 2750mm x 900mm @ £20 ea.
526 units pallet racking 2700mm 2 ton beams @ £6 ea.

All used pallet racking units available immediately. Act now.

call Alan 07860 573272

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5 Tips In Choosing The Right Shelving For Your Needs

Finding the right storage shelves requires careful thought and evaluation. It is not as easy as purchasing shelves and then taking them home or to the office and using them immediately. There are some things that people who are looking for extra storage space need to consider before investing in shelves. Below are 5 tips in choosing the right shelving to meet your needs.
1. What do you need?

Before you buy any type of shelving, you need to determine why you need it and what it will be used for. As an example, determine what will be stored in the shelves and how many shelves you will need. If you will be using the shelves for storing heavy equipment, then consider shelves which are made with either strong wood or those which are reinforced with metal.

If you will be using the shelves for your personal use, like garage storage as an example, then you can choose shelves which fit in the area and can fit the items you need to store in it. As soon as you determine what you need, you can make a better choice in choosing which storage shelves will do the job right.
2. Where will it be placed?

Once you have figured out which items need proper storing, you will then need to determine where these storage shelves will be placed. If the shelves will be used in a business and will be seen by your customers, then you need to make sure that these shelves look great with the existing furnishings you have in the business. These shelves will also help in adding an organized look and feel for the whole area, so choosing one that does the job and looks great should be your aim.

If you need shelving for your home, you will also need to determine where these shelves will be placed. If it will be placed in your garage and likely that only you or other family members will be seeing or have access to, then looking great should not be so much of a priority compared to delivering the storage space you need and the materials used. If you need storage shelves for books, decorations, or other items which will be located inside the home, then investing in shelves which matches the entire look and feel of your home is a must. Your guests and other people you may be having in your home will see these shelves, so it is worth taking the extra effort to make sure these shelves match the whole house.
3. How much space do you have?

Regardless of whether you will be placing the storage shelves in your home or the office, you also need to determine if you have enough space to place the shelves in. For example, if you have limited space in your home but would like to store some lightweight or decorative items, then a corner shelf or a window ledge shelf would work great. You will be able to store lightweight mementos and effectively use the space above the window or a corner of your house to display them.

Decorative storage shelves will be a great addition to any home. There are different styles, kinds, colors, and installation options for such shelves. These can really enhance a corner or part of your home easily.
4. How will it be installed?

Yet another thing you need to consider in choosing shelves is how they will be installed. Again, you will need to consider what will be stored in these shelves. Wired shelves make excellent storage for heavy items for offices and garages. Decorative shelves which will hold lightweight items can be easily installed, and most of the time can be done on your own without personal assistance. It therefore goes without saying that for more complex storage space needs, you will most likely need the help of a professional in installing these shelves.
5. How much is your budget?

Finally, how much are you willing to spend for the extra storage space? This will definitely play an important role in determining which shelves you will be getting. But keep in mind though that skimping on the price of the shelves will not work – it is important that you get the appropriate shelving to do the job.

So if you think choosing storage shelves is a piece of cake, think again. Whether you need shelving for garage storage or simply as a place to display small mementos, you need to think about the type of shelves you need, where you’ll place them, and how they will be installed.

About the Author:

Thanks to Kathryn Dawson for the article. Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Shelfsave, a supplier of durable shelving, racking and storage systems for home and office at inexpensive prices. Shelfsave’s professional team have many years of experience in finding great value shelving for people who want to save money. If you’re looking for great home office, utility room, at work and garage storage products, Shelfsave is the right choice for you, offering everything from storage shelves to containers and workbenches.

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