Wire Shelving


Standard wire shelving features four steel poles, 7″ to 8 feet in height, with shelves that are usually between 18 to 30 inches deep and two to six feet wide. The shelves have four holes on the corners where the poles insert and little plastic clips keep them connected. The shelves are held on by circular grooves on the poles which are usually spaced one inch apart throughout its length, making it extremely easy for the individual shelves to be moved to any height when the unit is fully assembled without taking apart the unit or moving the other shelves. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble these shelves, although a rubber mallet is useful.


Wire shelving is excellent in areas where fire prevention is stressed because its open design allows sprinkler systems to function where solid shelving might block water flow.

Chrome-plated steel is much cheaper and much less rust resistant to scratches. Typical colors are chrome, white and black.

Incompatible Standards and Labeling

However, not all pole diameters and shelf widths in use are the same. The various plastic connectors are not interchangeable among manufacturers. Many use proprietary designs that do not fit with the systems of other makers. This variance tends to make it difficult to mix and match various brands of shelving.

Weight capacity ratings

Shelves are manufactured in many different weight limits from 300 to 1,200 pounds. It is important to note that most shelving is rated per shelf level for evenly distributed loads. The definition of a capacity rating may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and should be confirmed before shelving is used at or near its listed capacity

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